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I Recommend Clear Springs

“We purchased our spa from Clear Springs and have enjoyed it immensely. I feel so much more prepared for the day when I spend 30 minutes in the spa before going to work. In talking to several owners of spas purchased from Clear Springs, I was impressed at the consistent … Read More

I Couldn’t Thank Them Enough!

“I have had our spa for four years and they are the best. My son had purchased one from another outfit and has never had any luck with it. I use my treadmill to keep me in shape and then get into the hot tub to help me relax. They … Read More

Customer Service Oriented

“They seemed to be a very stable, customer service oriented dealership. I like to buy things from people, not from stores. My expectations have been fulfilled more than I would have even hoped. We were told that when the novelty wore off we wouldn’t use the spa anymore. Just the … Read More

The Value of Hydrotherapy

“Throughout my career as a football coach I have always felt very strongly about the value of hydrotherapy. The benefits provide theraputic treatments that certainly enhance ones lifestyle. Clear Springs provides me with a spa that exceeded my expectations, in quality and effectiveness. Their professional knowledge has certainly been a … Read More

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Good times in my Jetsetter

I have back problems, and those jets really hit the spot and relieve soreness at the end of my day. My wife and I enjoy a glass of wine every night and relax in our cozy Jetsetter!

Thomas - El Cajon, CA

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